Frequently asked questions about solar PV

What is solar power?

Solar power is energy that is generated using the sun.

How does solar PV work?

A solar PV system consists of an array of solar panels on a roof; this array is connected to an inverter. This in turn is connected to your electrical appliances. When the heat and light from the sun hits the solar panels, the solar energy is turned into electricity by the solar cells that are on the panels. This is done by utilising the photovoltaic effect. When this electricity is created, it is passed through the inverter; this changes it from a Direct Current (DC) to an Alternating Current (AC). This is because a Direct Current could be harmful to your appliances and isn’t suitable for use in the home.

How much will solar panels cost me?

It all depends on the type of installation you require. Installations typically range from £10,000 – £25,000 but will vary based on your roof. However, any initial cost is outweighed by the fact that if your installation is suitable you will qualify for Feed-In tariff payments.

What is the Feed-In tariff?

The government introduced the Feed-In tariff in April 2010 to encourage more households to switch to solar. It’s an index linked, tax free and reliable way of generating excellent cash payments. The best bit is that your payments are guaranteed for 25 years. You’ll make back the cost of your installation plus much more! You’re payments will come from your energy supplier and will be for every kWh of electricity you generate plus every kWh of electricity you generate but export to the National Grid. When you also consider the fact that you’ll be saving loads on your energy bills, the investment potential is fantastic. Get your installations booked before the end of March 2012 though, as the rates are being cut. The government has ensured that the original rates will still apply to anyone who gets solar PV installed before this date.
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