Get cash for gold and stay warm this winter

Energy price hikes mean that millions of people will suffer fuel poverty this winter. The problem is especially bad in countries like Scotland where it is far colder than the rest of the UK. These price hikes, although expected, will mean that many people in Scotland will have to make the terrible choice between whether stay warm or eat.

However, in a move to help the problem, the Scottish Government has launched a scheme which should provide financial assistance to anyone who suffers from fuel poverty, enabling them to heat their homes this winter.

With the news that the English coalition government is cutting the winter fuel allowance, this attempt by the Scottish Government to alleviate the situation is timely indeed.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, 800 people died from the cold last year. This is completely unacceptable in 21st Century Britain when such obscene profits are taken home by the heads of some of these energy companies. People having to choose between food and heating is a dusty plot point from a novel by Charles Dickens, not something people should face nowadays.

So, here are a few ways to help stay warm this winter. We can’t stop prices from going up but can be ready for them.


Use less hot water

Many people see having hot water on demand as normal. There’s nothing normal about having a boiler that is always heating hot water you’re never going to use when at work or asleep in bed. Only EVER turn your hot water on an hour or so before you’re going to need it.

Cut down on household bills

Turning down your thermostat, only filling your kettle with the water you are actually planning to use (who needs to full up a whole kettle for one cup of tea?) and getting all of your service like broadband and cable TV from the same provider will help you save money. Also, never ever leave electrical goods on standby.

Take advantage of high gold prices

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