Miss My Baby Being A Baby

I miss my baby being a baby, it seems like forever ago when I had her. I wish they had half the things they have now for new moms, it would have made things so much easier. Now they have cute baby carriers, and I even seen a really cute baby back carrier I would have loved to have had when my daughter was still a baby. I know it would have made things so much easier.

To be honest, us moms didn’t have nearly as much resources that new moms today have. Now they have online communities they can go to when they have questions. I would have love to have had the support of other moms back then. Sometimes you feel more confident as a mom when you can ask the community of other moms certain things that have you bothered.

I know when my daughter was about a year old, she got really sick, the doctors had no clue what was wrong with her. I would have loved to have had a place where I knew I could ask the advice of other moms, instead I was left to wonder what I should do next. We were taking her to the ER almost nightly and to this day they still have no idea what she had.

When she was about 6 though, a new doctor asked me when she had mono, and I had no idea, she said the test results shows that she had it sometime in her life. I am assuming now that is what she had when she was a little over a year old. I explained it to her new doctor and she informed me you cannot detect mono in a child under the age of two.

Do you like having communities of other moms online to talk to?



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