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I am use to waking up and it still being about 70 degrees outside. This morning I rolled over, looked at the computer and it said 31 degree! Where has our Summer gone, I am hoping winter flies by because the little Summer I got being back up North was not enough. I want more time in the sun, on the beaches, in the boats. Next year will be the Summer of our lives, we will be having cookouts daily. I cannot wait.

Did you know right after Summer is the perfect time to purchase outdoor products? Everyone starts to mark down their products to get ready for winter products. Right now TerraBound Solutions is having a sale, some products are marked down 30 to 45% and they have free shipping on all of their Adirondack chairs. These chairs are great for entertaining. Put a few around the patio with a fire pit, and it would make for a perfect get together area.

They also have a lot of other products such as playground equipment, Picnic Tables, and Park Benches. You know what that means right? Everything you need to set up a mini playground in your yard. You can set up a small area for the children, while the adults gather around the fire pit on the patio. Your yard will be where all the kids in the neighborhood want to hangout, and your kids will be everyone’s best friends.

One day I will have that huge yard everyone comes to gather at, it would be something like you would see in a magazine. We will have the BBQ area, were the adults will chat about their week, then we will have the area for the kids, with the monkey bars, sandbox, swing set and whatever else you may find in a kids only area. We cannot forget the pets, maybe a small area for the dogs, with my sister having a few ankle biting dogs we will want them to be in their own area!

Okay now where was I again, I am back to reality! Anyways, now is the time to be purchasing those outdoor items, if you have an area to store them for the winter, I highly recommend you purchase the things you need. I have priced the lawn furniture right before Summer and right after Summer, and trust me the right after Summer is the better price.

How do you entertain during Summer? Do you have a playground area for the kids? I maybe dreaming now, but one day I hope I will be able to have a mini playground in my backyard for all the nieces to play on.

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