Time To Think Solar Energy

I have been telling my husband for awhile now, we need to look into solar power. It seems like every-time we turn around our electric bill is going up. During the winter months it gets as high as 400 a month. Now that is a bit much to have power. If we can find a better way that not only helps us, but the environment I am game.

At first, my husband thought I was nuts, then I started to show him different things online, and he got on the same boat as me. We agreed we need to see what it would take to turn our home into solar power.Sure it would cost a bit of money at first, but think of all the money it would save us in the long run.

When I get something in my mind, I want to research and research, even if I know it may not happen for awhile. During my research I discovered many companies have already started to find other ways to provide their companies with power. As well as many states, one being California, don’t believe me do a search on Solar Energy California.

One main reason I would love to switch over to solar energy, is because I know we would not only be helping our wallets, we would also be helping the environment, and to be honest, I am tired of sitting in the dark during the winter months when the power gets knocked out, which seems to be often.

Ever sat in a cold home for hours due to a power outage, with a small child. NOT fun, if we had solar power we wouldn’t have to worry about freezing our behinds off, when nature decides to make us.

Have you ever thought about switching over to solar energy?

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