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I can catch on to basic things in certain programs fairly fast. However, I get confused at the more advanced things a program can do. Just as excel. I love excel, I use it often when I am entering giveaways. It helps me stay better organized. I use it for basic use, I know there is a lot more that can be done with it.

I have been searching the internet for some Microsoft Excel Training. I need something for those slow at learning so I can let it all soak into my brain, so I am not having to look at noted when I want to do something new. For the longest time, I had cheat cheats for my pain program. When I would need to remove the background, I searched my notes. When I needed to change the color of something in the image I searched my notes.

I want to learn excel, so I do not need notes. With starting a business soon, I think this would benefit the business a great deal. I will be able to keep inventory of everything right on the computer, and I would know how to properly use the program I am working with.

What are some things that help you study new things? Do you do like I do and take notes, and use them as a reference, or do you read it over and over until it all soaks up?

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  1. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I read and take notes. Then I organize or outline the notes. By the time I have done this, I have pretty much learned most of the material, but can refer again to the notes for details, if necessary.

    About Excel– I used it in my middle school classroom for student achievement, attendance, and grades, and for organizing our in-class library, and a few other things. It’s funny that I never felt as comfortable with it as I should have for all the use I gained from it. I don’t know why. I even taught it to my students by having them actually catalog the books, and I will tell you that they came to know it well and feel very comfortable, finding other, personal uses for the program. I’ll chalk that up to younger, more nimble minds.

    • I have to read out loud, several times. Take a lot of notes, and I am still like hmm what was that again! Excel can be a bit intimidating.

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