Diabetes Increases Across America

Recent statistics of 2011 show a rapid increase in diabetes across America, specifically among people over the age of 20. Diabetes cases have soared to 25.8 million people among all age groups. This is a whopping 8.3 percent of the entire United States population.

Many diabetes sufferers seek out information through various sources such as diabetes articles. People want to know why they specifically acquired this disease. While genetic predispositions to diabetes play a major role the overwhelming factor is our increasingly unhealthy lifestyles.

Diabetes is quite simply an excessive tolerance and resistance to insulin. It is acquired by constantly feeding our bodies simple carbohydrates like refined sugars. The more sugar you consume the more insulin your body has to produce to regulate it. After long term exposure of raised insulin levels you eventually develop insulin resistance and if this over consumption of sugars is not put in check with proper diet and exercise, can and usually will develop into diabetes.

People inflicted with the disease may ask “Why me?” or “What now”? You can find many sources for diabetes help today, and you don’t have to give up the things you enjoy. Most people enjoy rich desserts and sugary beverages. The urge to consume them is the culprit for the rising cases of diabetes all across America. Things may seem bleak for diabetes patients but don’t fret. You can enjoy all the things you love if you combat your consumption of sugars with moderation, a healthy non sugary diet full of vitamins and minerals and lots of exercise.

Diabetes is hereditary in many families and it may be in yours as well. We must all remember that even with genetic predispositions your environment is the overwhelming factor in your health. Diabetes living doesn’t have to be as hard as one might think. Through simple lifestyle changes and determination you can keep your diabetes or pre-diabetes in check and even overcome it completely.

Do you or someone you know suffer from diabetes? What are some ways they help keep their blood sugar at the proper levels? Diabetes runs strong in my family, and I have to take certain measures to make sure my daughter doesn’t develop it. We try to avoid all those high sugar products.

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