Science Experiment

We love to mess around with different things, with winter fast approaching it means we will be stuck indoors. So I am in the process of finding all sorts of different items we may use for a science experiment. My daughter is extremely interested in technology and how things work.

I am thinking about getting an aluminum board, some wires, and batteries. See if her a daddy can use those to try something new. We have already done the doorbell experiment, she loved it. Next is the light bulb one, I think she will find that pretty neat being able to light up a light bulb without it being in a socket.

That is what’s so great about the internet, you can find almost any science project you want. Most will have detailed instructions, as well as images to show you step by step what the progress should look like. Which is a good thing for me, because I need more than instructions. My husband is the one with all the smarts when it comes to building and DIY projects.

In a few months I am hoping to be able to get the parts for a desktop computer and see if she can put it together.

What are some cool science projects you do with your children?

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