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How many of you own blogs, and have ways to prevent spam? I have tried several ways to block out spam, and I have yet to find a 100% effective way. I am thinking about putting a math problem captcha at the bottom, because the “Confirm you are NOT a spammer” doesn’t seem to be working.

I am still getting all these stupid spam comments. I reckon the people leaving them are assuming since they checked the box stating they are not a spammer will get it approved.

Just because you are a real person, or because you have a bot to check the I am not a spammer, does not mean your comment will be approved, specially when you state your name is “loan”.

Maybe I should put a donate button on all my posts, and if they donate (since I know they are only trying to comment so they can get those 2 pennies) I will approve their comment. LOL

So chances are if your comment looks spammy and includes names such as loan, or other lame names, it will be sent directly to the trash folder.

How do you combat spam?

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