The Problem With Lawsuits

Recently a good friend of mine was involved in a legal case involving an injury he suffered due to extreme neglect of safely procedures at his work place. He was hospitalized for 2 weeks and then bed ridden for almost 2 months. After he recovered enough to at least walk for short periods of time he began to seek legal counsel to go after compensation.

We all know legal processes of paperwork, attorney counsel and court dates take a great deal of time to complete. Even if your case is a sure thing (as my friend’s was), while the lawsuit plays itself out your bills pile up. Your car payment is due; your rent and even the electricity bill. While you are out of work and pursuing what is rightfully owed to you, you’re also going to realize the companies do not care. They want their money the same time you want your money; NOW.

What did he do? Well lucky for him we found out that you can actually receive lawsuit cash advances. My friend filed the appropriate paperwork and in no time he had an advance to catch up on his bills and save his life as he knew it. Most people really don’t know solutions like this exist. I know we didn’t. So if you are ever in a financial halt due to ongoing legal battles, remember their is finally hope!

Have you ever ran into a problem like this before? If so what are some ways you went to get the money that was rightfully owed to you?

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