Watches Making A Comeback?

In today’s technology driven world where everyone has cellphones, pdas and tablets the watch may seem obsolete, or is it? In the world of business a fine watch is looked at as a symbol of style, class and wealth. Watches can be used to compliment any number of fashionable looks where a cellphone cannot.

Some people may even consider watches to be a thing of the past. But with technological advances made over the years, today’s watches may do more than you would expect. Watches were once prone to disruption due to magnetic fields, and even watches marketed as water proof fell short of their ability to perform.

Today advances in chronograph watches has eliminated the magnetic field disruptions as well as perfected the ability to remain waterproof even at diving depths. In addition the self winding power sources have become more reliable at keeping time synchronized.

Style, technological improvements and sentimental value all play a role in the worth of the watch. Lot’s of people keep their grandfather or fathers old pocket or wrist watch as a family heirloom, keeping your dads old cellphone just doesn’t seem quite as special now does it?

We know the vast majority carries a cellphone now days. And an increasing amount carry laptops, netbooks or pdas. But regardless of how many technological devices we carry that keep time, The traditional watch is here to stay.

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