Ways To Earn Money Doing What You Love

How many of you love to blog, however, blogging can take up a lot of time, and you need to find away to make money? What if I told you there are several ways out there to make money from doing what you love. I like to try things first hand before I state it works or not.

I have been trying different text link programs to see which ones have the best payout. One of the recent ones I have tried is INTENTclick. I found it easy to install, I downloaded the zip file to my computer, went into my wordpress plugins, uploaded it and hit the install button. Once it was installed I could go into the settings, and block them from certain parts of my site. I could also set it for certain areas only.

I am currently doing a test run on comments only. When trying to see what programs work the best for me, I always try different ways of doing it, so I can personally see if their is a difference in the revenue I receive from these programs. I have tried several different text ppc advertising companies, I think the ones that will work the best, are the ones you can use with other ad companies such as adsense. I have used adsense as a stand a lone in the past, and I didn’t see the results I would have hoped for.

When using these sort of programs to bring in some income you have to keep in mind, if you do not have the readers, you will not bring in much money.

I know a lot of people who will wonder why they are not making no money, when they have done everything they were supposed to, for starters you can have everything set up perfect, but if you are the only one coming to your site chances are you will not make no money, also remember this income will not come over night, and it won’t make you rich. However, it will give you a little spending money. Text links can bring in a nice income if properly done.

What are some great tips you have when it comes to using In-text links?

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