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So I currently live in a pretty small town, I mean we have a small local grocery store, not big at all, I think the one gas station is bigger then the grocery store, we have 2 gas stations, 1 post office that no longer delivers the mail here because it was cut, and a library that the township decided to rebuild. Sad part, the rebuild cost the township 2.2 million dollars. OH and a small school…

No offense to this township, but you already had a library why did you need to make it be the biggest building in the town… No lie this library is bigger then both gas stations, and grocery store put together. Anyways let me get to those subs.

I decided to purchase one, I heard they was huge so I figured they would feed my husband, daughter and I on just one. They are 8 bucks each, and I tell you what, we were all full after half of it. It is a little over a foot long, but it is also wide. We ordered one that had roast beef, ham, turkey, lettuce, cheese, tomato, and mayo. IT WAS SO GOOD! Omg I have never in my life, had a sub that was like that.

I am so tempted to go order another on, however, I am currently checking out a new diet food plan program, so any ordering of sandwiches will have to wait until next week.

Where have you purchased the best sub ever from? Mine was from a locally ran store here in this tiny place where they put 2.2 million dollars in to build a library bigger then all buildings put together.

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