It’s Not Even Noon (Rant)

Have you ever rolled out of bed to have everything go wrong from the minute you sat up? Today, is one of those days for me. I roll over open the laptop and I see a few word for word pitches, about guest posts, and they are going to not charge me one penny, they just ask for one link. I kid you not these emails were almost word for word. So I responded thanking them, and told them how many pennies, I would be charging them.

Then, I started entering giveaways, and was thinking about doing dishes, when I was asked to order a part. Let me give a little information on this. I purchased a prepaid visa at Wal-Mart last night for the purpose of ordering a part for a vehicle online. When it comes to companies I am not to sure about, I like to get prepaid cards, because I don’t like giving out my paypal information. Specially when it isn’t for me.

Last night I went to and I put in the address to tie to the card, and this morning I went and ordered the part. Only I got a big fat “Order declined due to address not matching.” What the hell ever, I know the address matches, so I go and redo the address on the card to make sure, and go to reorder, only to find out now I do not have proper funds. What the hell…. I go look nope, sure don’t the money had come off the card.

I call the place I was trying to order from they told me I had to contact the place I got the card from. So I called up the people at and was informed the money wouldn’t be back on the card until December 17th, reasoning being that is how long the company has to accept or decline… HELLO I have 3 emails showing declined. What else they want, she told me she could have it back within 2 days, if I got something from the company stating it was declined. I then asked to speak to a supervisor they were starting to piss me off.

Supervisor gets on states the same thing, that it was showing approved on her end, and I would need to get something from the company showing it was declined, and since it was a gift card funds wouldn’t be back on for at least 2 days. This pissed me off more, I didn’t wait to pay them the $100 for the card, I didn’t expect to wait for them to release the funds, my funds back to me. I got loud and informed her I would be letting others know about this situation…

I then called the company back, stated I needed something from them showing it was declined, he sent me an email, I called back. I asked for an email address to send this to, so the money would be released within 2 days, she stated she couldn’t release it in two days, I needed to wait until the 17th blah blah blah. Fine, let me speak to a supervisor this is bullshit… She asks for my name, and phone number… I was already pissed, so I asked why she needed the information, she said to pass me to a supervisor, umm the first lady didn’t get that information before handing me over to someone that had no clue what she was talking about.

So I give it to her a Supervisor comes on, let me start by saying this lady was extremely nice, I told her what was going on, she seen it was to declined because f the damn addresses. She said I needed to wait until the 17th because it was a gift card and they couldn’t release the funds back. I informed her how the last supervisor said as long as I had proof showing it was canceled it would be put back within 2 days.

She asked if it was okay if she got a corporate supervisor. ABSOLUTELY this saved me the trouble from having to look up the number myself. About 5 minutes pass she comes back and informs me she talked to a corporate supervisor and they placed the funds back on the card, since it was declined due to address issues.

So what does that say, YES they can to put the money back when an issue arises.

Although it took me 4 tries to get this issue resolved, it was finally resolved. Please note when using prepaid gift cards you must have the address perfect all the proper caps and everything. I think what got me is after the Rd I added a period, and didn’t when I tried to order the part.


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  1. LMAOOO OMG!! I would have been pissed! Good for you for not giving up! They know they can do it just don’t want to and most people wouldn’t fight them on it.

    • I wasn’t about to back down, it isn’t my fault their stupid system cannot tell an address to be the same if I cap the letter or add a dot. I thought I may have to get a huge protest going LOL. Didn’t help I was really tired, then having to deal with the crap, and it wasn’t even for me, so I was even more irritated.

  2. i wonder if that’s why so many times my orders using prepaid cards have been declined! My prepaid visa cards always say ‘accepted wherever visa is accepted’ but that hasn’t been true a lot of times when ordering online.
    i’m happy that you got everything worked out!!

  3. Congratulations on finally getting through to someone with enough power to solve your problem. They knew they were in the wrong, and probably just wanted to earn interest off of your money until the 17th.

    Anyway, if you can use Discover, they have a place on their website where you can get “one time use” numbers to use when making online purchases. That way, you can still charge to your card, but you do not have to use your “real” card number, thus preventing ID theft.

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