Blok Squad Construction Site Review

A few weeks ago we received the Blok Squad Construction Site for review. It contains the complete kit to build a steam roller, a caterpillar front end loader and a tow truck. It’s a fairly large set that offers step by step instructions to aid you in putting the pieces together.

Product Features:
Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up
Includes: Instruction Manual, Vehicles, Figures
Number of Pieces: 395
Material: Plastic
Educational Focus: Shapes and Colors
Dimensions: 11.25 ” H x 2.5 ” W x 19.5 ” L
Product Weight: 1.25 Lb.
Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth

As the set is quite large and features 3 vehicles, 3 Mega Bloks people and some accessories. All 3 of us teamed up to put the set together. My wife and I took turns reading instructions while the other and our 10 year old daughter found the pieces and set them up for that step. Our daughter thought it was fun even for a boys toy and decided to keep it. This goes to show, just because something is made for a boy, those girls like it too!

Together with a few alternating breaks it took the 3 of us around 2 hours to complete the entire kit. Keep in mind our daughter put all the pieces in one big pile instead of leaving them separated as they came. This made it a bit more challenging to find the pieces for each step, but that made it more fun.

If you’re looking for a great block building set for one of your kids don’t let the Blok Squad Construction Site pass up your eye. Putting it together is quite fun and the resulting vehicles work very well as play toys. The moving parts; wheels, bucket etc. all perform well. We were pleased with the product and would surely suggest it to anyone looking for a fun and well made block building set.

You can purchase the Blok Squad Construction Site on Amazon for $14.99 and it is eligible for free shipping on orders over $25!

We received product for review purposes only no other form of payment was received. This is our honest opinion.

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  1. Favorite around our home!.. Keeps the kids busy for hours.!
    thanks for sharing

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