Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I hope Santa brings everyone what they wanted. Most importantly I hope everyone has an amazing time with their friends and family. Remember these are the times we need to cherish, because we never know when we may spend our last Christmas with the ones we love.

I also want to state one small thing… I received an email from a blog I subscribe to, and I was a bit saddened by the post she wrote. To sum the post up it discussed the recent “Secret Santa’s” Popping up into the Kmart stores and paying off peoples layaway’s, this blogger stated how she only spent so much this Christmas for her kids and how Christmas is about being with family, and how wrong it is for people to put so much stuff in layaway that they can not afford, and so forth.

While I agree Christmas is about being with family, however, I always go over board during the holiday season whether I can afford it or not, if this person would have read all the articles instead of assuming she would have seen a lot of items being paid off were for CLOTHES.

I think before people start judging what others do with their money, they should take the time to read it all instead of assuming. I think what the Secret Santa’s did was awesome, but it isn’t NO ONES place to say what the parent should or shouldn’t have had in laway for their child’s Christmas. I was also a big disgusted with the comments being left.

If everyone came together as one and helped one another out, things might be a bit different. You always hear God this and God that, but I have noticed a lot of judging lately.

Remember Christmas is not only meant to be spent with family and friends, it is also about giving to those in need.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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