Perfect Time To Purchase A Home

Did you know even though the economy is down, now is the perfect time to purchase a home. My husband and I have been looking at different homes here in Michigan for a little while now. I have been amazed at the prices I am seeing. Some 3 bedroom houses as low as $10,000.I have found at least three all under fifteen grand that I would love to one day call home.

Yes, these homes need some work, but for the price the home repairs would be worth it. We have a few friends that actually purchase homes on the market for cheap, fix them up and turn around and sell them again. Some people might think this is foolish with the economy the way it is, but it is actually pretty smart. The homes are still selling under the value, however, they are getting what they put into the home plus making a nice profit. Now the business of purchasing, fixing up, and reselling is not for everyone and I wouldn’t do it myself, but I would purchase a home that needed work done to it for my own personal home.

If you are looking to purchase a home NOW is the time to do it. Aurora loan service can help you make that purchase happen. My husband and I are currently looking for a fixer upper the reason being, those usually sell for cheaper, and we can make it into our own. We found a place where the kitchen was a mess. We could take and set the kitchen up pretty much any which way we wanted it, since it’s pretty much gutted anyways. I have found when you actually have to put in labor to something, you will appreciate it more. Another reason we are wanting something we can fix up is because it will be our Summer home.

We plan on going back to Tennessee within the next few years, and that will be our main residency. However, if you have ever been in the southern states you know it is pretty hot. So we will come north during summer, and south during winter.

Have you been thinking about purchasing a new home with the prices so low?  Just remember although buying a home can be very stressful, it can also be extremely fun. When you are doing tours of the homes close your eyes and picture your family cuddling on the couch watching a movie together, or in the kitchen baking.

If you daydream it might make the whole process a little easier on you.

For those looking on purchasing a new home good luck.



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