Seizures In Animals

I never new animals could have seizures until I moved back to Michigan and both my sister and dad had issues with their beloved pets. About 10 days ago one of my dad’s dogs died. Awhile back he had to rush him in because he started having seizures, the vet said he had epilepsy, but him on some meds, and started to adjust the dosage.

Every three weeks or so he would have more seizures. Back into the vet he would go to up the dose. Well unfortunately this did not work, and the dog ended up going into a seizure that lasted what seemed like forever, and he never came out of it, and ended up passing.

The female dog is now lost with our her brother. You can tell in her eyes how sad she is.

Have you ever experience seizures with animals?

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  1. We had a dog who had this problem. He lived for several years with it before passing away at almost 16 years old. Got some great advice from the vet over at TheHappyPetVet. She seems to care and helped out a lot. Our Veterinarian also worked with us to keep Rusty healthy. Animals do have feelings and it will take awhile for the other dog to snap out of it. Give them lots of cuddles. So sorry this happened to you but they are warm blooded just like we are and are prone to the same health risks.

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