What NOT To Do When Entering Giveaways

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of new names when it comes to entering giveaways. It seems the new TLC show about sweepstakes as hit the blog giveaways as well. That and rafflecopter gives people “lazy” ways to enter, which makes it harder to win anyways.

However, I have been noticing something the past few months, I am getting a lot of “enter me” and “thanks for the giveaway” or “I want”. I guess one thing this TLC show forgot to mention, is when you do enter giveaways on blogs, comments such as those will go to the trash folder.

Sponsors are kind enough to offer products for giveaway, we should be kind enough to show them some love, by following the mandatory entry. Bloggers also put a lot of time into doing the review/promoting and when you come in and say enter me, you are being very disrespectful to the one hosting and sponsoring the giveaways.

For those of you who are knew to entering blog giveaways, good luck! BUT remember, in order to win you must follow the rules or you will only be wasting your time.

Rule #1 when entering giveaways on blogs always do the mandatory first

Rule #2 when entering on blogs don’t say you do something if you really don’t. We can tell, and we do check. Hence, do not say you subscribe if you do not.

Rule #3 have fun and win big!


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  1. I have noticed it a lot also… it sure don’t help any of the faithful readers win anymore!

    • What it is, is that TLC show has all these new people trying to win. So they come and go right to the comments, and leave something. When I first started entering giveaways, I had no idea about how to properly do them, and a lot I was doing enter me, would love this, and so forth. Then I started reading the proper way, and have won a lot of nice items!

  2. I had noticed that giveaway entry numbers had really gone up in the last couple of months, but had no idea why. It looks like this new show is trying to ruin giveaways for us like the extreme couponing show did for those of us who coupon.

    OH – and for the record, I am not particularly a fan of Rafflecopter.

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