Gifts for Pets

Holiday Guide

pet dish with photoDon’t forget those fur-babies this holiday season. Get them a Pet Water Bowl from These water bowls are designed to allow your pet to see the happy face of themselves or you, while they get a drink of water. The bowls have a 6.5″ opening and cost $19.95. One great thing about this holiday gift is not only will you be giving your fur-baby a gift you will also be helping another. When you purchase from Pics Saving Pets™, 50% of the product price will go to the pet charity of your choice. Help save the lives of other animals this holiday.

treats for petsDon’t forget those furr babies this holiday season! has all those yummy snack gifts your furrbaby is sure to love. Whether you have kitties or doggies Wellness has something for them both. Wellness keeps your pet in mind when crafting yummy snacks for them. Each bite is sure to deliver the nutrients your furrbaby needs. You can purchase Wellness snacks at stores such as Tractor Supply, Hollywood Feed, Petco, and Petsmart. Don’t let your furrbaby go without this holiday season stock up on those treats!

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