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A new year has begun, you know what that means? Time for all those New Year Resolutions! How many of you every year start out with a resolution to drop some unwanted pounds? This has been my resolution for many years, and do you know it is only of the top resolutions many people make, right a long with dropping the smoking habit?

There are many great companies out there that want to help you meet those goals you have set for yourself this year, including BistroMD. BistroMD is a meal delivery service, so it makes losing weight simple. Follow the meal plan, stick to eating the food prepared for you, and you will have no problems. BistroMD takes all that guess work and calorie counting out of your daily meal planning. One great thing about this program, all the meals are shipped to your door, a long with a simple meal plan. All you have to do is heat, eat and watch the pounds coming off, you are also responsible for moving. You have to remember just eating certain foods, does not make you lose weight, you also have to have exercise in your daily routine.

Many people forget your body needs to move, it needs a way to burn those calories, and sitting on the couch just isn’t working. Of course, unless you are lifting weights while you do that!

I was sent a week work of meals to try. I have to say these were different from my normal eating of macaroni and cheese, but I liked having everything laid out for me, the only way one would not lose weight with this meal plan is if they didn’t stick to it or do it properly, because you literally have everything laid out for you, from what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On what day to eat it, and also some helpful tips on how to prepare it.

We all know meals taste better when they are presented well, one of the suggestions is to place on a plate, and also add some seasonings. The meals are good without some spicing up, but I thought they tasted much better after I added some of my favorite seasonings to them.

BistroMD breakfast BistroMD pancakesBistroMD Dinner

BistroMD has four different plans to choose from, you can pick either 7 days or 5 days, and you also have the option with snacks or without snacks. These plans start from $129.95 and go to $179.95 per week. BistroMD has also been seen on shows such as the popular Biggest Losers, Dr. Phil, and The Doctors.

While sticking to this meal plan, I noticed the scale dropping. During the week I was on this meal plan I seen a drop in 2 pounds. Everyone is different some will lose more, some will lose less, it all depends on your body, and how much exercise you do! Plus it didn’t help that the holidays were here.

I highly recommend BistroMD for anyone’s 2012 New Years Resolution weight loss journey.

disclaimer: I received the 7 day no snack meal plan for review purposes only. This is only my opinion, and others will vary. Remember what works for some will not work for others, and you must also include exercise.

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