Did Skechers Pull A Bait And Switch?

As you may know Skechers had a deal going on some boots! The Men’s Revine Hopkins Boots were on sale for $3. Most had a feeling this was a pricing error. It took me over 5 hours to order 2 pair. Yes, I only needed two pair, one for myself, and one for my husband. However, those greedy people showed up started ordering hundreds of pairs, for what? Oh wait to resell sort of like people did with those HP Tablets.

However, now that Monday is here it is perfectly clear this was a pricing error and Skechers is canceling all orders BUT…I noticed something to make me believe this was indeed a bait and switch. When the boots were priced at $3 a pair, there were only one style you could pick from… After the price went up the following day they had 2 other styles as well. This sort of thing makes you go hmm… If it was simply an error wouldn’t they have all three styles from the start?

I know if I was to go into a local store in my town, and something was marked wrong they would have to give it to me for that price… I also know if a product is marked for one price but rings up for more they have to give me back the difference PLUS extra money on top of that.

I am not saying Skechers has to honor any deal, but this is the third time within the last year… something isn’t right. If this is skechers way in driving traffic, it will only make people go elsewhere. I do feel Skechers should be held liable for their “pricing errors” since they seem to happen often.


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  1. Jenn Beauford says:

    Did you also know that when I called customer service they advised me that they never have had the product that was advertised for sale? Then later the next day, after the price had changed to 88.00 on the site, it was changed again to 100.00. If that isn’t bait and switch I don’t know what is.

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