McDonald’s Building and Things That Make You Go Hmm…

A few weeks ago we went to McDonald’s to eat, this particular one the lights on top were white.

My daughter asked… “Mom why are the fries here white?” I was confused, and asked what does she mean by that. She then pointed to the roof, “The fries on the roof, why are they white”… I busted out laughing, it was night and they were lit up. I simply informed her those were just lights. So I thought, but what does mom know right…

Well the other night we go by a McDonald’s and my nephew mentioned something about why did McDonald’s put fries on the roof, or something like that. I again busted out laughing and told my sister about a few weeks prior.

So now this is the question we have, are the “lights” on the top of McDonald’s suppose to be french fries, or just lights? Curious moms would love to know, according to the kiddos those are french fries.

What is your opinion?

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  1. I was at a McDonald’s drive-thru recently when I noticed that the yellow on the roof looked like french fries! I couldn’t believe I had never noticed that before. I mean, how many years has it been that way and I am just now noticing it?! I was just telling my friend that I think those are fries! I got online to google it, and that is how I came to your page! I would love to know if they are supposed to be french fries. I think so!

  2. I can tell you this; I’m 40 and have had a running debate with my mom about this very subject for 35 of those years. As a kid, to me anyway, it was just a given that they were fries… I mean really, why wouldn’t a restaurant have a dozen or so electric fries on their roof, right? Maybe not. I’ve never found anyone to actually back me up on the electric fry debate, so I have a feeling they’re not actually fries. That said, I can’t look at them to this day and not see fries! I need to meet the architect before I die. If I can’t, I’ll just wait and ask God about the Kennedy assassination, other life in the universe, and of course the rooftop fries.

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