SOPA and WHY It Is Bad

Many of you think SOPA is good, I mean after all it fights piracy right? The way the law sits right now, it will do more than fight piracy. It will give the government the ability to shut down your site on a whim. No questions asked. There are other ways to fight piracy then bringing censorship to the internet.

Take this for instance…  the fact that megaupload just got busted for its role in piracy online. Was SOPA in effect? NO! So would SOPA help bring an end to piracy, or an end to our rights?

I know some people feel we need SOPA, but we do not. SOPA is only another way the government would be able to control the way content is received. With SOPA and PIPA in effect there would be no reason for the internet. Being a home schooler we use the internet daily to look up and research new things. With SOPA our access would be limited to what the government wanted us to see… is this right?

This is only another way for the government to take away our freedom. If you have not signed the petition I urge you to do so, you may think since you do not pirate anything you will not be effected, truth is your WRONG. EVERYONE will be effect.


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