College Towns Make Me Go BARF

I swear some of these college kids need to not have vehicles. I am currently staying in a town that is pretty decent size. I mean we have 4 McDonald’s and several Burger Kings. We have a pretty decent size college, and I honestly think these kids have lost their minds. Last night I was getting so annoyed with the drivers, and those walking.

It took me about 5 minutes battling traffic to get turned into a parking lot, then to top it off this chick walking thinks since she is walking she doesn’t have to stop and look for vehicles. I am sorry but walking or not, when you come to a drive way or a crossroad you should probably stop and look both ways.

I don’t know how many times I have heard about people getting hit by a car while crossing the road. I see why people are getting hit now, they don’t feel they have to stop and look for cars. I understand those walking have the “right away” but they need to use common sense.

It is like they want to be hit. So if you are a walker PLEASE look before crossing a road or a driveway.


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  1. We have a college here, but it is kind of contained in it’s own little square mile of town. If you never want to go near there, you don’t have to! I do go though, and the kids definitely dart into the street without thinking twice. It can be really stressful!

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