Etching Glass

I have decided I want to learn how to etch glass! I was on pinterst the other day and seen all sorts of neat etchings. To be honest it looks fairly simple. With things being so messed up right now, I had to put my business on hold. As soon as things start going better I will be getting busy.

I have the stuff to make some beeswax candles, and I may make some soon. One of the main reasons I want to learn how to etch glass, is so that I can make more personal candles. I want to be able to make the containers look outstanding!

Have you ever got an idea in your head and all of a sudden 50 more come at you? That is how things are for me right now. I have so many ideas, it is just getting them started. I want to do this all with my daughter, I think she would love it! Knowing her though she will try to make me etch a monster high doll.

Have you ever etched glass? How hard is it?

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  1. I am going to be doing this soon! I caved in and bought all my stuff and cant wait to try it. I hope i can get the hang of it. It looks easy enough.. I seen some cute ideas i want to do for teacher gifts.

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