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One of the things I dislike about having a blog, is the rude comments. Those comments where people find the need to bash others, and/or my grammar. Well, today I was going through the comments to delete the spam ones and I came across this one…

asshat commentWhen I get comments like these, I like to see who owns the IP, and the location of the one leaving the comment. It’s always nice to know if it’s one of my many haters leaving the rude comments. I have to say this time I was pretty disgusted with where the IP traced back to.

I am sure y’all are all wondering where it came from, well… It came from a competitor of the post they were trying to comment on. Yes, a different eyeglass company! Don’t believe me?

Look at the traceroute…

After I discovered this information, I went ahead and Googled value eyecare network

What was my discovery from all the searching? I discovered the IP of the person who left the comment, is from Great way to handle business, right? Let’s go find posts that are about other companies and leave rude, trashy comments. I mean that sure will not make OUR business look trashy at all.

So this is to those companies out there, that find the need to go comment on posts belonging to the competitor companies. Leaving rude comments about other businesses only make you look like a fool, and those at I am going to give you some free advise. Something my mom taught me growing up… You will get farther in life if you worry about your own self. Meaning worry more about your company, rather than competitors you might get farther.


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  1. stacey dempsey says:

    OMG really! you would think people had better things to do, what a really underhanded way to try and trash your competitors, I hope that the company that was being trashed reads this and looks into it, those kinds of business practises really should be stopped. I am truly disgusted by this , but very glad to know who i will NEVER shop from THANKS

    • At first I thought it was just a troll. Then when I looked up the IP and seen it was another eyeglass company it disgusted me as well. I cannot believe how low people will go.

  2. Jill A. Collins says:

    You are one smart lady :-) Good for you exposing just how this company does business. And if it was simply an employee who doesn’t represent how the company feel, perhaps they will issue you a public apology and take internal measures to correct this. Have you written to the company directly to bring this to their attention? I would!

    • I posted on their facebook wall, but never thought to actually email them. Leaving comments like that though I doubt they will care.

  3. Sleepyheadedmom says:

    Well I won’t be doing any business with them. I think. It’s sad and kinda funny how low people stoop. I wonder how many others do dumb things like this.

  4. That is so lame! Good job researching on that shady company

  5. Marcy Strahan says:

    I buy From Zenni at least twice a year! I have noticed the other’s have the SAME frames charging like +$30 or more than Zenni!
    If anyone Gave me a shopping spree on Zenni they would sure get a lot of LOVE from me!
    No where esle can you buy 3 pairs of glass plus shipping for under $25 total. I LOVE Zenni!
    Yes, they do have a $29.95 pair I have on my wish list but I own around 12 pairs of Zenni’s now.
    I tweak them stronger for the computer & even stronger for reading.
    Anyways, had no idea the other’s would be so jealous they would post like that.
    That is really…well…lame!

  6. Good job researching! Yes business must be slow at the $39 glasses place, if they have time to leave comments like those!

    My granddaughter (age 6) has worn Zenni glasses for 2 years. Her mother has taken the glasses to the eye doctor and they have checked them and said the quality and prescription are perfect.

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