Who Makes You Smile?

Who makes you smile photo contest

This is a tough one, okay no it’s not. My family puts a smile on my face. My daughter, nieces, and nephew are always putting a smile on my face. From the crazy things they come up with, to their silly actions. If I am every feeling a little blue, all I need is my family and they always know how to make my frown turn into a smile.

So who makes you smile? Maybe your husband makes you smile from the small little things he does letting you know how special you are to him. Or maybe it’s the way your pet loves up to you. I have something else that will put a big smile on your face! TopDentists.com has an awesome giveaway going on right now. Entering is very simple, all you have to do, is submit a photo of the person who makes you smile.

What is the prize to be won you ask? How about an all expense paid trip for you and a guest to NYC!!! However, that isn’t all on top of an all expense paid trip for you and a guest you will also get a teeth whitening session in NYC with one of their TOP Dentists, PLUS yes there is more, you will also get $1,000 in spending money and a photo session for you and a guest.

Let me sum that up for you!

The grand prize is a teeth whitening session in NYC with one of their Top Dentists plus all expense paid trip, $1,000 in spending money and photo session for you and your guest.

Sound good to you? They also have other prizes that can be won daily, as well as chances to win teeth whitening sessions in selected areas.

More details of this contest can be found on the  Top Dentists  website. What are you waiting for head over there and enter, giveaway ends February 24th.



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