Conversation With Almost 13 Year Old Nephew

Kids can say some pretty funny things. Yesterday my nephew who will be 13 tomorrow was giving a bit of an attitude. He had left his ipod at grandma’s and wasn’t happy that his mom wouldn’t take him to get it. I decided to take him after dinner, and on our way back he said something pretty funny, I thought I should share.

Me: Now you can lose your attitude.

Nephew: I didn’t have an attitude because of the ipod.

M: LOL you liar

N: No I didn’t it was because mom yelled at us and told us all to goto our rooms, and I wasn’t doing anything and it wasn’t fair.

M: busting out laughing….

N: I think she is on her period.

M: laughing harder… Why you think that?

N: Because when girls are on their period they’re always grumpy.

M: Oh well, have I been grumpy since I have been staying with you?

N: Wait, you have had a period at our house…

M: LOL Yea I have had 2…

N: Well you are  not a grumpy person, mom is.

I could not stop laughing. Some of the things kids say are hilarious.


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  1. It’s always so nice to not be mom LOL


    Jammie Reply:

    Yes it is LOL… My nephew cracks me up with some of the things he comes up with. I am going to miss them when we go back to Tennessee.


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