Gas Hit Record High In 2008, But It Is Obama’s Fault

Almost daily, I will see something on Facebook about how the price of the gas is Obama’s doing, and how the economy being shit is Obama’s doing. I think people are forgetting the all time high gas prices in 2008. Shall I refresh the minds of those who like to put blame on the people they dislike…

If you would notice on that chart it hit the lows right around election time… hmm I wonder why. Should I also remind everyone President Obama didn’t get sworn into office until January 20th, 2009… So please someone explain to me why the high gas prices are Obama’s fault. Please also keep in mind who owns the oil.

Also explain how he is at fault for the economy… the economy was going to shit when Bush was in office, so I am having a hard time understanding… Why not put the blame on the whole Government… what about the fact we are paying billions of dollars on a war we should not have been fighting… Yea, I know 2001 we were attacked, I get all that… Why didn’t we take and build up our own borders and trying to protect our own land… why the hell did we go to other countries and have this battle, blow up their towns, only to rebuild them…

It is time people start to see the bigger picture, more than one person is to blame for this mess we are in… I get the fact you think Obama is a shitty President… I get the fact you want to put all blame on one person… However, Obama did not cause this whole mess, and he sure as hell cannot fix it in a short time…


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