Getting gTech

Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines

I went to when I was starting my store at the suggestion of one of my sisters and it was actually a really great idea. I didn’t know much about technology but before then I had really underestimated how important the internet would be for my business – I was starting a brewery after all! Anyway, it turns out I’m online all the time emailing and dealing with vendors and looking up information about new products and whatnot so I’m really thankful that it’s as fast as it is. I have no patience for technology to tell you the truth but that’s not that big of a deal…who would have thought I’d be starting my own brewery at only 31 years old? I can’t believe the response has been so good or that the beer itself is totally drinkable – I never would have imagined myself being such an entrepreneur but I guess when you dream big you’re bound to fall on some sort of good things in life, you know what I mean?

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