Graduation Time

It’s that time of year again, in the next few months graduation celebrations will begin. I know when I graduated it took my mom a few months to get everything planned. Graduation is a huge accomplishment in our children’s lives, it’s when they are finally free to actually explore the real world.

It is also one of the very first huge accomplishments our kids will make in their lives. Then it is either off to college to continue their education, or off to get a job and start making a name for themselves in this world.

With preparing for those graduation parties we need graduation invitations, the sooner those invitations are out the sooner we will have a better head count. You don’t want to run out of food, or things to do during this time. Now is the perfect time to get those invitations ordered and sent out to those you want to come. Make sure they make a RSVP within a given time frame.

As  parent you are already stressing trying to make this day perfect, so by having RSVP’s in early, this will give you time to gather tables and chairs, as well as make plans for the food. Whether you are calling in a catering service or you are doing it yourself.

You also have to think of entertainment, will you be hiring a DJ or will your family be doing the DJing. Are you going to want to host this graduation party at your home, or rent out a hall or pavilion at the park. These are all things to add to your to do list, and things you need to consider.

Having the party at your house can be stressful, if you have it at the park, or hall. You need to give yourself extra time to set up, and clean up. Even though there are trash bins often times trash doesn’t end up there. With a little bit of time and preparation you can throw your child a great graduation party.

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