My Next Vehicle Will NOT Be…

A Pontiac! And here is why… it seems after about 6 to 7 years they starting having all sorts of issues… and when you speak with a rep for Pontiac you are told your vehicle is old… HELLO… but last I checked I was not rich and was unable to afford a new vehicle every few years.

My history with Pontiacs… When I was 21 I purchased my very first vehicle, it was a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix SE.  I purchased this vehicle in 2000, so it was only 5 years old… After two weeks of owning it, it gave me major problems. I went out of state and broke down… I contacted the dealer, and he didn’t want to fix the issue, the only reason he did was because I informed him, I could drive it back fixed, or he could find away to come get it, and I would come back without it… I was over 500 miles from the dealership at the time… He opted to fix it, this was not a pontiac dealership, please keep that in mind… After we got back into Michigan less than 48 hours after the vehicle was fixed… it broke down yet again.

I still had faith in Pontiac, so I let the dealership fix the problem once again… and then it took another 4 years before we had any other issues with this vehicle, and that was due to Michigan weather. It rusted out the stabilizer bar, and well the car was parked and we had to get another vehicle…

We decided on yet another Pontiac. This time we went with a Bonneville. The Bonneville worked like charm for about 6 months, then it blew part that would cost me 700 to fix… another few months of driving and it got parked for good… My husband put so much time into trying to fix that vehicle, only for it to be wasted money, and wasted time. If I had to put a total of what we had wrapped in that vehicle, I would say about 4,000. Sad part we ended up selling it for 300…

However, we had faith in Pontiac, and went and bought yet another one… this one was a bit newer, only 2 years old or so when we purchased it. We got a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, sharp little car. For the past few years we have had it, it has been great to us, until recently. I went to drive away when all of a sudden I noticed three service lights on…

Service ABS system, Service Variant Effort Steering, and Service Traction Control… are you kidding me… all at once? WTH did I do, to deserve all these issues… So I google the issue, and I am not the only one with the same problem. I decided I would contact Pontiac and see if maybe there was a recall of some sort.

The call me this evening letting me know there has been no recalls, he asked how many miles I had on the car I told him… 99k, it had 70k on it when we got it, so we have only put roughly 30k on it, not to bad. The rep for pontiac then tells me… well your car is kind of old… what is it like 6 or 7 years old? WTF I am sorry Pontiac but I am far from rich, I still owe a nice amount on this 6 to 7 year old car… But then again if I was rich, I still don’t think my car is “that” old.

Outcome… I have to take my car to a Pontiac Dealership… pay them 100 bucks… if it only takes one hour for them to tell me what is wrong with my car… contact Pontiac, and tell them, so they can do an assessment on it and let me know if they will cover the cost to fix it… My guess is NO they will not cover the cost, I will be screwed with not only a huge bill telling me what is wrong, as well as a huge bill telling me what it will cost to fix it… So you know what I say…


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