Is Bowling On That Summer List?

Being a parent, I am always searching for fun activities for my daughter to do that isn’t costly. So when I learned they were bring back the free bowling during the Summer months I was super excited.I don’t want my daughter to be a couch potato this Summer, I want her to have as much fun as possible. After all we are only kids once, and us adults know after childhood becomes stress-hood.

Some of you may be a little unfamiliar with the AMF Summer Unplugged program and if that is the case let me explain it to you. The AMF Summer Unplugged program is a free bowling program for children 15 and younger. It allows them to get out and have some free fun this Summer. What it includes is two free games per day starting Monday,  May 14 through Monday, September 3rd until 8pm at participating locations. This doesn’t include shoe rental, however shoe rental is fairly cheap, and if you have your own shoes then you have nothing to worry about. They also have kids meals which are $3.29. With over 250 locations participating in this program there is sure to be a bowling alley near you.

However, that isn’t all! They also have a Summer Pass deal for parents.

The Summer Pass deal is for those 16 and older. You would pay a one time price of $29.95 and get those same 2 free games per day as your children, the bowling days and times are the same as for the above deal. This pass is also good for up to 4 people ages 16 and up. Same goes for this deal as the above deal, shoe rental is not included.

So for $29.95 you can have a whole Summer of family fun! Sound like fun? All you have to do is head on over to AMF Summer Unplugged and sign up, each week you’ll get your free coupons emailed to you, simply print them out and take them to the location that’s participating in this awesome deal.

What are some things you do during the Summer months to have some fun? My step father bowls on a few different leagues, all though I stink at bowling, it’s always fun to go watch him play. My daughter loves going and throwing the ball down the lane, although she is only just learning I know she will be a pro before to long.

She is the type of person that will keep trying until she has mastered the skill, she gets that from her dad. If you have any tips to get me up there with those pros be sure to share them, I cannot be having my 10 year old kick my butt at bowling now can I.

So anyways, if you are looking for some cheap family fun be sure to sign up for a Summer Pass, you don’t have to have kids to get the Summer Pass deal.

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