Our Forever Friend Is HOME!

So we were supposed to get a puppy that someone threw out from a moving truck. This puppy had its shots and so forth. However, my husband’s friends sister was trying to get the adoption fee waived. She called on Friday, asked if it was okay they fixed him, if so they would waive the fee… It wasn’t going to cost us to have him fixed they were doing that free of charge. It has been almost a week so my husband called her today, and she stated she was having a hard time getting the main vet to okay the waived adoption fee…

This sort of peed me off, because she stated Friday it was a go… So I got on craigslist, and I searched for puppies in this area. We found one, he is only 7 weeks old verses 6 months to a year… and we know he wasn’t used or tried to be used for fighting. He is a pit bull mix, the owner was not sure what his dog got pregnant by. We had to drive about an hour and half to get him.

However, he seems well behaved. He isn’t all hyper and up in your face jumping all over. He is very calm, and loved attention. If you are not right beside him he cries. With being around dogs for so long when we were in Michigan, I was sad we didn’t have one ourselves. So I am super glad we got this puppy. The other puppy was fixed, had it’s shots and all that good stuff, but I was worried about getting him since he was 6 months to a year. They were not certain his age. I didn’t want to get Gillian something that old.

She is very much in love with this puppy and he is going to get spoiled rotten! Want to see him?

pit mixed with something else

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Jammie is of Native American descent, she has family from the Ojibway/Chippewa tribe in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. She was born and raised in Michigan, where she later moved to Tennessee with her husband and daughter. Jammie and her husband home school their daughter, and enjoy doing many things together as a family. Some of those activities include geocaching, hiking, fishing, playing games together as a family, and just being silly with their daughter. Jammie is Owner of The Neat Things in Life. For more information visit on Google+.

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