Protect Your Pooch This Summer

Summer is here and we all know what that means. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and all those other nasty pests we dislike. Well same goes to our pets. Our pets don’t like these pests either, they also don’t like those chemicals you put on their fur to kill these parasites. If you are like me and would rather do something more organic try adding a little apple cider vinegar to your fur babies water. This will make their skin more acidic and the parasites won’t like that.

If for some reason your dog will not drink the water with the apple cider vinegar in it, you can do a 50/50 water apple cider vinegar blend and spray it on your pets fur. This will do the same thing, and it’s harmless to your pet.

Make sure to keep your pets bedding washed, the floors vacuumed, and a flea comb ran through your pet often. If you can keep the fleas at ease, you will not have much of a problem. Remember though when it comes to your pet, don’t try just anything, they to can have an allergic reaction to certain things.

You wouldn’t want to walk around with head lice, don’t let your animal walk around with fleas and ticks.

Bones says NO to fleas!

bones says no to fleas


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