Stephen Dattels Shares Reports On Iron Ore Opportunities In Africa

Stephen Dattels And West African Mineral Corporation’s Promising Results For Iron Exploration In Cameroon

Since 2007, when he co-founded West African Minerals Corporation (first named Emerging Minerals Limited), Stephen Dattels has been investing in mineral and resource exploration opportunities. In fact, Stephen Dattels has been working in the mineral exploration and resource financing industry for over 25 years. West African Minerals Corporation holds an exploration license on a 6,000 square kilometer area in Cameroon and has completed an aeromagnetic survey of the land.

Stephen Dattels And Finding Iron Ore In West Africa

The big find from the aeromagnetic survey was 30 demagnetized sites, representing potential hematite deposits. These sites potentially contain iron ore that is accessible for extraction. A number of those sites are also near existing infrastructure and the planned deep-water port of Kribi. Stephen Dattels sees these as extremely positive possibilities; utilizing existing infrastructure will make any project more attractive going forward into development.

Stephen Dattels is working with the government of Cameroon to discuss the possibilities and opportunities of iron ore extraction. A partnership can be mutually beneficial to the people of Cameroon as well as shareholders and the overall market. As the project moves forward, the details continue to look more promising.

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