The Great New Social Sites of 2012

We’re all familiar with social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter. For sometime now these few have dominated the social media presence and offered little in regard to variety. Recently many great new social sites have emerged to offer both great new outlets for users and exciting competition to a once monopolized medium. These new social media platforms offer refreshing concepts that are rapidly growing in popularity all across the Internet. While there are many new social media sites popping up, there are a few showing the potential to offer real competition in the industry.

1. StumbleUpon

The social media site StumpleUpon isn’t new to the Internet. While it’s been around for awhile, it has just recently became a huge success due to it’s user submitted content set-up. This site has evolved into much more than it’s original purpose of sharing interesting web content. StumbleUpon is now a highly sought after medium in marketing strategies for companies, bloggers and entertainment websites. Stumblers are becoming well known for contributing to viral internet sensations and the exposure of informative content.

2. Chime.In

The social network for social networks. Chime.In could be described as a democratic approach to social media. The site actually encourages inter mingling with other sites such as Facebook and Twitter.Members can fully integrate their other social media sites so all content can be read easily in a news feed style. Chime.In is becoming increasingly popular due to it’s book-marking concept that let’s it’s members share virtually any content you can think of. In addition to it’s very open approach, Chime.In also let’s users share advertising profits for ads put on their profile pages. Monetary sharing and media integration makes Chime.In one of the most interesting great new social sites this year.

3. Pinterest

Quite likely the fastest growing social media platform is Pinterest. This newcomer has become a sensation among social networking users across the Internet. Pinterest users post content ranging from entertainment to professional design efforts. This medium allows it’s users to re-pin the content they consider the most valuable and share it with others in the Pinterest community. Amazingly the site just launched this year and has already surpassed a million registered users. Content is usually fresh, informative and entertaining. Many users collaborate on projects by sharing graphic designs while others trade recipes and favorite books. The collaborative nature of Pinterest has quite possibly made it number one among the great new social sites available.

These are quite likely the best new social sites around, many poor social sites have recently popped up as well. Clone sites such as Mezee.Me that have nothing unique to offer beyond hype and poor public relations are doomed to failure. Weeding out the social sites that have nothing to offer is quite easy. This is a contributing factor to their short life spans. While sites such as the ones listed here offer real features to their members, many other new social sites do not.

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  1. Great post. Everyone has Dreams to make a big site but lets face it hardly many make it! LOL Mezee.Me is not going to do well because they don’t offer anything unique and the name is not really brandable. I love Pinterest! I spend way to much time on there and FB, I hardly go on any other social sites much.

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