Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss Review

Weight loss can be very difficult, and a big struggle for some, me included. However, losing the unwanted pounds can happen, all it takes is some work on your end. Nothing in life comes easy. If you are overweight, and like I am, I am sure you have searched the market for products that will make things a little easier on you.

Yes, I am guilty of this, I honestly see nothing wrong with finding the right product to help you jump start your weight loss. Often times having a little boost will keep you going. I have tried many products, several had side effects I couldn’t handle while others worked as they should have, but I failed to follow through once the product was gone, so I gained it all back.

With hitting my highest weight of 315 I new I had to do something about it, before it got out of hand, so I started to workout tried many “diets” and once I seen a slight increase on the scale I gave up. I can proudly say I have lost 36 pounds… I probably lost more than that but I kept gaining and losing, and gaining and losing. I am now to the point, of not gaining again. I am not going to bust behind to drop weight, only to gain it back.

I have recently tried a few weight loss products, while these products never work the same on everyone since all of our bodies are different.

During a week period I tried the Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss product, while taking this product I seen some results, however, I started having some bad side effects so I stopped taking them. I was feeling very dizzy and light headed, as well as getting irritated very easily. I believe this has to do with the coffee extract in the product.

smart success with bob harper

A while back I cut added caffeine from my diet, so I personally feel this was the reason for my symptoms I was having. If you have issues with caffeine this isn’t the product for you, if you are fine with caffeine this product will work better for you then it did for me.

Keep in mind while trying to lose weight, even though there are products out there to HELP you with your weight loss, you are the one that actually determines how much you will lose, and whether or not you keep it off… these products are only supplements and are not intended to be your product for permanent weight loss.

I received product for review purposes only, no other form of payment was received. Please keep in mind this is only my opinion and others will vary.

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