Carnel Chamberlain Found

It is with sadness that I bring you this news, Carnel Chamberlain was found today, but there is no happy ending to this sad story. Earlier this afternoon, police brought in cadaver dogs to search the area, from what news reports are saying they found poor Carnel’s body under the porch of the family home.

The spokes person for the family, said that poor Carnel was found in or around the home, that details were unclear. The mother of Carnel, made statements to police that didn’t look good for the person caring for Carnel, which was her boyfriend, 20 year old Anthony Bennett. Bennett has got a lawyer and is refusing to answer any questions. However, the mom has told the police everything she knows, has taken 2 different lie detector tests which she has passed.

From everything I am seeing and reading, when the mom got home at 10pm from work, she asked the boyfriend where Carnel was he stated the last time he seen him was around 9:30pm in the pool. However, the mom noticed water on the bathroom floor, as well as blood spots, chemical smell, and Carnel’s shorts that he has been wearing most of the day.

When she asked Anthony about it he stated the bath ran over from when he was trying to run her a bath. Once the mom seen no signs of her son she immediately called police. At this time is when the search began, details are unclear, as of right now it is all speculation.

With this happening on tribe land it when and if Anthony is found to be the one behind this, he will be going to federal court, where he can be sentenced to death. If it turns out he killed this innocent child then his his body, all I can do is hope and pray he gets sent to the electric chair. No child deserves to be killed, and we need to give Carnel justice.

RIP Carnel, may you fly high with the Eagles, and watch over your family from up above.

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