Free Shipping Ratings – The Real Deal

Guest blog by Clara Schindler

Like saving money? Hey, who doesn’t. I’m always looking for a legitimate deal, especially when it comes to shopping online, and believe me, I do a lot of it. So when I heard about and how they could spare me of all these shipping charges with a ton of great retailers to choose from, I was all over it. Trust me when I say that this is a site you’ll really come to love; it’s not a scam, it’s not anything you’ll only use once or twice, and it’s definitely not anything you’ll want to pass up. is a great opportunity for you to save money when doing your online shopping, and it’s one I’m very happy to have come across Let me lay out for you just how this awesome deal works: First of all, you get a free 30-day trial where you can check out everything they have to offer – that’s a month of free and discounted shipping at their extensive list of online stores, cash back on shipping and return shipping charges, and many other benefits free of charge!Believe me, once you’re totally crazy about the site, (which you will be) you can sign up for a full membership, which is just under thirteen dollars a month. Yeah, that’s a pretty awesome deal.

So you already know that the free shipping ratings you’re going to get are going to be great. But honestly, that’s just one reason among many to use In addition to all the money that I save on shipping charges, I can get extra cash on the side with their Complete Price Protection offer: if you buy a certain item with a registered credit card through and see the same item advertised for a lower price ANYWHERE else, on-or-offline, they’ll pay you the difference out of their own pocket. I mean, talk about sweet deals!

If you’re still not convinced – or you’re already hooked and want to know more, the first thing I’d recommend doing is visiting the site itself and checking out their list of retailers where you can save money on shipping. Be sure to set aside a nice chunk of time… with all those options, you’re going to be on it for a while, trust me. These guys have been around for 10 years saving people money and they’ve only been getting better at what they do, so you’re going to be impressed with what they have to offer.

What else is there to say? I really don’t know what’s up with the idea of a rip off, this is clearly a great way to save money on online shipping and even pick up some extra money on the side with Complete Price Protection. If you’re not sure, then just try ’em out for 30 days free of charge, and they’ll win you over within the month. Sign up and get saving!


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