Getting Healthy With Mangosteen Juice

My husband and I have never really lived a very healthy lifestyle. When we were younger we both worked in the kitchen of a casino and we were always eating fried foods. Which maybe the reason I had to have gallbladder surgery at the age of 20. However, as we are getting older we’re realizing we have to start thinking about our health. I mean really start thinking about it, although my husband is only about 40 pounds over weight, I am about 150 pounds over weight.

I know if I eat healthier and lose weight my knees will not be so bad. You may have read my post about having arthrosis in both knees, this is no fun what so ever, especially when trying to workout. Even walking up the stairs to get into my home can be a task.

A few weeks ago we made the decision to eat better, and to workout so that we could reach a healthy weight. Since this whole new change in living I have been looking into other products that will offer me good health benefits. With only drinking water everyday it can get a bit boring. I have come across the mangosteen juice, and I am thinking about checking it out.

From everything I have read about this product it’s really good for you, and the mangosteen fruit itself including the rind, has been being used to treat many health conditions, and maintain good health as early as 600 AD.

As our country got more populated, the healthy foods just disappeared, now we’re being feed a lot of processed foods, and with having busy lifestyles we are being sucked into it. My family has come to realize this, and we have done a complete turn around. We know eat many more fruits and veggies, and we only eat lean cuts of meat, and a lot of beans.

However, the change and the working out has paid off… as of today I have lost 3.4 pounds in 2 weeks, I know I have to keep going though if I want to reach my goal weight, but with the help of products such as the mangosteen fruit, I know I will accomplish my goals in no time.

What are some ways you are trying to stay healthy, and to either maintain your own weight, or lose unwanted pounds?

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