Top 5 Obese States in America

Obesity is a huge problem in America, every year people die due to being obese. Although, people make many excuses on why one is obese, the bottom line is poor food choices, and the fact chemicals are being added that shouldn’t be… Consumers are wanting America to eat more, the more we eat the more money they make. Stop letting the consumers feed you garbage!

Having lived in the South I can see why most are Southern States.

1. Mississippi

2. Alabama

3. West Virginia

4. Tennessee

5. South Carolina

The South love their BBQ and that’s fine, but we need to learn to control what all goes on our plates. I know family BBQ around here, consist of… Ribs, Chicken, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs those are only the meats… The side dishes contain cottage cheese, coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad… need I say more. From experience, I know I have filled my plate up with all of this in one sitting, and for days following.

If we could step away from the boxed meals, and the over indulging and stepped towards healthier options while having our BBQ every so often instead of several times a month, we might see a difference at the waistline.

Lets change statistics and work for a healthier America, by 2030 the  obesity level will be almost 45% unless we take charge of our lives now.


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