Entertain The Kids With Learning This Summer

How many times have you heard “Mom I am bored” this Summer? One great way to not here, that and to keep the children’s brains in learning mode, is by printing some worksheets. I like to make workbooks for the Summer months, nothing to demanding. However, fun worksheets that make my child have to think.

I want her to think, so that when school starts back up she isn’t lost. Scholastic worksheets are a great place to start, I like the multiplication worksheets. With Gillian struggling a little with math these help a lot. I like to find fun theme worksheets that not only give her something to do, but also teaches her. One great thing about homeschooling, is you know how to make learning FUN.

Growing up and going to public schools, I think that is why I got so distracted, because learning was boring. Learning in my eyes should be interesting. I like it when my daughter takes interest in things, and she asks questions, because then I know she is learning. I have also caught her doing research online to find her answers when she gets stuck.

I find that pretty impressive for a 10 year old. She sees a weird looking but she looks it up, sees a new flower, she hits up Google. We as parents need to help keep our child focused and interested in learning new things.

How do you keep your child’s brain in learning mode during Summer months?

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  1. Janet W. says:

    For learning to be interesting in the classroom, I think teachers really need to come up with new ways of teaching to get the students interested.

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