Freaky Dreams – by Adele Nozedar- REVIEW

what do your dreams meanIf you’re like most people, then you have likely had a strange dream at some point in your life. Furthermore, you probably wanted to figure out what specific things in your dream could mean. Freaky Dreams by Adele Nozedar provides a comprehensive list of people, places and things and their subconscious meanings within your dreams.

Published by Skyhorse publishing and featuring the cover art of Jane Sheppard, Freaky dreams is as esthetically pleasing as it is interesting. Items like Accidents, Snow and even Oysters are explained in the book. If your dream was comprised of several different strange elements, you can piece them together based on these explanations. This is a great way to discover the overall meaning of dreams that make no sense whatsoever.

The information in Freaky Dreams is backed by Adele Nozedar’s psychological studies and her expertise in symbolism. She used her knowledge of the subconscious mind to serve her research about dreams and their unique meanings. While some things in dreams have very literal meanings, others are subconscious representations that posses different meanings. The book covers these meanings very well.

I personally used the book to interpret several of my own weird dreams. Particularly, a dream that contained a large number of mice running on the walls and ceilings. Mice have a very interesting explanation in Adele Nozedar’s book. If you are seriously interested in dream meanings, or would just like an interesting conversation piece, Freaky Dreams is interesting and insightful for the serious dream enthusiast., but also very entertaining and fun to read.

If you’re interested in finding out what your dreams mean you can purchase Freaky Dreams: An A-Z of the Weirdest and Wackiest Dreams and What They Really Mean on for $11.21.

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