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dental care for petsHave you ever been laying there and had your dog come up and lick you in the face, and all you could do was smell his stinky breath? I bet sometimes you feel the same way when your spouse rolls over and kisses you in the morning as well. Thankfully your spouse can go and brush their own teeth, however, for our dogs they cannot, so it’s our job as their owners to make sure they have good oral care.

Did you know most dogs and cats will develop gingivitis by the age of 3?

This is why it’s so important that we practice good oral health with our pets. If you have ever had a tooth decay, you are probably aware or the pain that comes with it, luckily for us we can take pain meds, and we know when we are in pain. While our pets may know when they’re in pain, they cannot reach for a pain pill.

This is where Plaqclnz comes into play. Did you know bad breath in pets can mean a sign of oral disease, and if you use personal dental care with your pet, you can add on to his life!

Plaqclnz helps keep your pets breath fresh and protects from those nasty oral diseases. One thing that is great about this product, is several groomers have this product and can assist you in keeping your pets teeth clean.

We were able to check this product out, it was simple to use and doesn’t take much time. A few squeezes into Bones mouth and he took care of the rest. For best results it is recommended to use daily. Plaqclnz has no alcohol, but has a Zinc and an amino acid complex which helps fight the harmful bacteria that can lead to gingivitis.

You can purchase PlaqClnz online for a little over $15 at One lucky reader of The Neat Things in Life is going to also have a chance to check this product out for themselves.

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  1. On the Run Canine Center Inc

  2. carol gentry says:

    Soapy Dog Wash in Apopka, Fl

  3. Jill A. Collins says:

    My closest groomer is:
    New Hope Boarding and Grooming
    109 E New Hope Rd
    Rogers, AR

  4. Jill A. Collins says:

    I have a standard poodle that has beautiful teeth for 10 years old, but I would like to have something to add to his oral care to help keep them that way. This sounds like a wonderful solution! Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win and try them.

  5. Jill A. Collins says:

    I learned that Zinc inhibits odor formation and helps heal gum tissue.

  6. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Kennelwood Village
    2008 Kratky Rd
    Saint Louis, MO is near my home and I can get my pet’s teeth cleaned there.

  7. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I brush my dogs’ teeth each week but sometimes my dogs breath still stinks.

  8. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I learned that Zinc inhibits odor formation and helps heal gum tissue.

  9. Thanks for the great giveaway~Daily Entry

  10. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Daily Comment-Great product for pet lovers, thank you.

  11. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Happy Friday, It is nice to have the weekend off of work.

  12. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Daily comment, I took our dog Artie to Yappy Hour this week and he won the costume contest.

  13. Kelly Ann T. says:

    It is so hot today, so my dogs and I are watching the olympics.

  14. Kelly Ann T. says:

    My two rescue dogs are crossing their paws hoping to win.

  15. Kelly Ann T. says:

    So excited about watching the games tonight. I want to see the gymnastics.

  16. Shaunda E. says:

    Rustic Two Grooming
    358 Maple Spring Private Lane
    Appomattox, VA
    (434) 385-4363

  17. Shaunda E. says:

    Loving the Olympics.

  18. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I’m thinking about washing my dogs tomorrow. I think that it may rain if I do. Washing the car isn’t working.

  19. Plush Pups Grooming, 2901 Gallia Street, Portsmouth, OH, (740) 353-5424 – about 45 min. away

  20. My dog is laying in bed while I am on the computer.

  21. Kelly Ann T. says:

    My dogs have been playing and now they are worn out, it doesn’t seem to take much in this heat and they are inside.

  22. K-9 Clips

    2035 Julian Lane
    Clayton, NC

  23. We finally got a little rain overnight.

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