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Being a kid can be difficult, I remember when I first found out that I needed glasses. I was not happy at all, I was in the 7th grade, and glasses just were not cool. When I was sixteen I begged my mom to get me contacts, I was so tired of wearing glasses. She agreed and off we went to get the exam, and to order my contacts. When the bill came in mom was not happy… The price for exam and contacts for the condition I had was going to cost her over $300 dollars!

However, she went a head and got them, because she knew they would make me feel better. Back then we didn’t have all the options we have now. Now we can go online and find great deals, that will allow us to save money on vision correction lenses. If we had this option back when I was sixteen, my mom probably wouldn’t have freaked on me when I “miss” placed my contacts, oops.

How many of you shop online for contact lenses? Did you know you can get all your favorite brands of contacts at, and you can get them delivered right to your door! Want an even sweeter deal? During the Summer months, they’re offering free shipping on all orders of $50.

When I do shop online, free shipping is one option I always look for, I like saving money and when I can get free shipping on products it’s a win win. If you’re a big online shopper you will know that shipping cost can add up quickly. Even if shipping were to cost $5 for your whole order, that’s $5 you could use else where, like on more contact lenses!

Being a mom now, I can see why my mom got upset when I lost my contacts, thankfully being a mom now days can be a bit more cheaper because we do have the internet where we can search for all the hottest deals, that will save us hundreds of dollars. What are some ways you save when it comes to making those much needed purchases?


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