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Lately, I have been getting into decorating my home, I have got the pictures on the wall, my dolphin nick knacks out and in my bedroom I have some nice artwork displayed. Now I need to find some nice bedding, I want my bedding to match the decor of my bedroom. I have been on a  mission to find a company that has what I am looking for, I found a company called The Garden Gates. They have pretty much everything to help me spruce up my home!

However, I am currently working on my bedroom decor, and I came across their Bella Notte Linens & Bedding! One thing that drew me to this company, is the ability to customize my linens. I told you everything has to match, my husband is a bit OCD when it comes to things like that, and if it doesn’t match then we are in trouble.

I was also drawn to the fact they offer free shipping!

After I am done with the bedroom I will be on the look out for other items, thankfully this company has everything I am looking for and more. They have products for my patio, such as garden planters, garden fountains, and many other garden accessories. Which I will be needing as soon as we get the backyard in order.

They even have clothing for women! With me losing weight, I know I will need some clothes soon.

How many of you like web shopping? Although, I may not have the money to make all the purchases I want to, I love that I can plan things out and visualize how things will look once I have everything the way we want it around here.

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