Taking A Trip To The Eye Specialist

The other day my daughter went in for her school physical, and we ended up also leaving with an appointment to get in ans see an eye specialist. When my daughter was younger she had issues with her left eye. I tended to be a bit lazy, she was prescribed glasses to see about fixing the issue.

This wasn’t for her site, she had perfect vision. However, he was wanting to correct the fact her eye went every which way. So when he prescribed her glasses he made them of higher strength then 20/20. Could this been what has the doctor concerned about my daughter’s vision now?

She hasn’t wore the glasses in a long time because her eye has not been doing crazy things, however, now she is having issues with not being able to see to well with it, this is the main reason for being sent to a specialist to see what the main issue is, and if this maybe an issue.

With school starting really soon we need to get matters like this fixed as soon as possible. I remember when I was in school lack of vision caused me to drop from all A’s to almost failing!

Have you ever had these issues? Was your learning put at risk due to bad eye sight?

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