The Ultimate Book of Everyday Knots Review

Have you ever went to tie a knot only to have it come on done? Even a knot as simple as a fishing knot. Whenever we would go fishing my husband would get so mad at me because I would always make him tie my knots, if I did the fish would take off with my hook! Recently, I was able to check out The Ultimate Book of Everyday Knots.

I wanted to learn how to tie different knots in attempt to make different crafts with my daughter, I also thought it would be neat for her to learn how to tie knots in case she ever had to tie someone up. (kidding)

with being home schoolers, we like to teach our daughter everything. We want her to be prepared for the real world when she gets older, and even though some might think tying a knot is not needed in the real world I beg to differ. Try not properly tying a bed to the roof of your car, and watch what happens to it when you put on the brakes. Okay, I rest my case!

The Ultimate Book Of Everyday Knots by Geoffrey Budworth, as so many different types of knots.

Whether you are looking for simple knots like the simple overhand knot or a more complex knot like the turk’s head, this book will have the knot that will work for you.

Although, the book does offer several how to’s on tying knots, it also gives you the history behind knots… did you know knots go back thousands of years back. I love how the book is broke down into sections, and how they actually give you step by step instructions showing images.

If it didn’t have the images, I would probably be clueless!

Do you know how to tie knots? Do you want to learn in case you ever need to tie someone up?

I received above product for review purposes only.

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